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Creating the Next Generation of Excellence Through Innovative Talent Management Strategies

Dear Colleagues:

2013 is a critical year for HR and Talent professionals!

With the recent changes in the economy, the issue of retaining and engaging top talent will be at the forefront.

Talent Management professionals are continuously challenged, even more so in 2013 as new immigration reform processes and provisions to the Affordable Care Act have created additional talent shortages.

As if legislation hasn’t already put pressure on executives, talent professionals have additional fires to extinguish as they battle keeping on pace with the technological changes affecting workforce management, bridging the knowledge gap as baby boomers retire and retaining top talent in light of a more increased job market.

Regardless, executives are tasked with increasing demands to drive organizational performance. But how are these efforts affecting talent? As talent becomes increasingly disengaged, the health of any organization declines as well.

In a state of economic volatility, organizations cannot afford to jeopardize losing their high performers.

If organizations take the appropriate measures to strategically implement initiatives to attract, retain and engage employees the rewards will be substantial. Productivity will soar, thus increasing organizational financial performance and generating a return on investment.

Human Resources IQ is proud to present Talent Management Online Summit, an online event designed to help you create and implement talent management strategies in a shifting economy.

We look forward to seeing you online! Register today!


Katherine Mehr
Divisional Director, Online Education
Human Resources IQ

Event Highlights

Secure your spot in the elite online event for Talent Management professionals seeking to attract, retain and develop top talent.

Human Resources IQ and IQPC have conducted over 100 conferences worldwide on talent management, training and development, onboarding, succession planning, recruitment and retention—all including strategic initiatives on how to create and develop your high performing talent that will result in organizational success.

Detailed questionnaires, phone surveys, and editorial awareness reveal what you want; need and value with respect to implementing and managing talent management strategies—and here it is in a condensed online summit.
Hear outstanding how-to presentations from front-line practitioners addressing proven solutions to today’s most pressing challenges related to:
  • The Economic Impact on Talent Management
  • Meeting the Business Needs through Talent  
  • The Power of Leadership, Engagement and Talent
  • Building a Talent Management Supply Chain Capability
  • Implementing Social & Mobile Technologies to Recruit, Develop & Engage Employees
  • Making Global Talent Management More Strategic
  • Implementing a Strategic Performance Management Strategy
  • Creating a Culture to Attract and Retain World-Class Talent
You will examine talent management strategies that reap the greatest reward and see how you can adapt similar programs for your organization.
You will learn from leading-edge companies and practicing professionals who have faced the challenges of getting started, keeping up with technology, applying initiatives that make sense and provide the most return on investment. 

But that’s not all…
  • Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top experts (Interact live with talent management superstars from leading companies!
  • Ask live questions and get immediate answers (someone will always be available to answer your questions on the spot)
  • Learn at your own pace and save money (no hassle traveling or finding hotels, no commitment to attending during limited times - this online event via the internet is spread over 2 days and recorded so if you missed a session...it's there at your convenience to catch up when you are ready!)
  • Network with your peers via our HRIQ LinkedIn groups (20,000+ members) and share updates via our HRIQ Twitter (15,000+ followers) and Twitter event stream at #hriqtalent
  • Earn HRCI credits from the very comforts of your home or office
  • Become part of an exclusive community of HR professionals that are in the same boat as you
  • And much more!


This event is ideal for vice presidents, directors and managers focused on the following areas: Talent Management, Recruiting & Retention, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Succession Planning, Learning and Development, Employee Engagement, Human Resources.


This complete online summit will help you run your Talent Management function by discovering strategies that are delivered through extensive case studies, how to's and panel sessions from thought leaders and experts in the field of human capital management and people intelligence. Presentation topics include: The Economic Impact on Talent Management, Meeting the Business Needs through Talent, The Power of Leadership, Engagement and Talent, Building a Talent Management Supply Chain Capability, Implementing Social & Mobile Technologies to Recruit, Develop & Engage Employees, Making Global Talent Management More Strategic, Implementing a Strategic Performance Management Strategy and Creating a Culture to Attract and Retain World-Class Talent.
HRCI credits are available for every session. Earn HRCI credits without leaving your home or office!


In the comforts of your home or office! No traveling expenses or timing conflicts. This online event takes place by using your computer or laptop.


Available on-demand.


You'll be able to implement strategic initiatives on attracting, retaining, engaging and developing top talent that will increase productivity and organizational performance. The rewards are grand!

HRCI credits are available for every session. Earn 6 HRCI Credits without leaving your home or office!


Simply register by clicking on any of the links throughout this page.

How it Works


A 2013 Economic Outlook: The Impact on Talent Management
David Lewin
  • Talent shortages as a result of Immigration reform
  • Affordable Care Act and the effect on attracting & retaining talent
  • Avoiding a knowledge gap due to baby boomer retirement
David Lewin , Neil H. Jacoby Professor of Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior , UCLA Anderson School Of Management


Meeting the Needs of the Business through Talent
Kimberly Currier

In this highly competitive market place, companies must ensure that they are positioned to meet the challenges of today while not losing
focus on tomorrow’s trends. As companies prepare for new staffing challenges, they must ensure that they are well positioned to retain and promote the right talent at the right time and in the right place in order to drive their business in the right direction. This session will discuss:

  • Understanding your current talent development model
  • How to align talent strategy to meeting current and future business goals


Kimberly Currier, Vice President, Talent Development, American Cancer Society


Panel: Key Performance Strategies for Managing Talent
Jamie Resker
Julie Graziano
Linda Landry
  • What does talent management really mean and what are the expected outcomes?
  • How can talent management be integrated into the business to optimize business results?
  • What are the critical steps to evaluating talent to drive productivity and performance?
  • What is the value proposition for employees in shifting toward a talent management strategy






Jamie Resker, Principal, Employee Performance Solutions
Julie Graziano, Organizational Development, Bureau of Forestry Services, Madison, Wisconsin
Linda Landry, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Nuance Communications


Creating a Culture To Attract and Retain World-Class Talent
Brian Gilbert

Whether the economy is weak or strong, whether is it spring or fall, whether their salary is high or low – whatever the circumstances – some employees will choose to leave the company. But why do people stay or leave? How can employers motivate people to stay longer? When you bring on new employees, it’s important to remember the message you’re communicating to them about their value to the company and its culture and remember that, leadership drives the talent culture.

Brian Gilbert, Director, Business Development, SkillSurvey


Implementing a Strategic Talent Management Strategy
Linda Landry


Creating and implementing a strategic talent management strategy is an ongoing struggle amongst HR and talent professionals. Talent management professionals’ focus must be on the employee lifecycle and how to attract, retain, engage and develop all talent throughout the organization. In this session, Nuance Communications discusses:
  • Moving from managing HR programs through siloed HR functions to managing through the lens of the employee lifecycle
  • Aligning talent management with organizational objectives
  • Integrating talent management into existing HR processes
  • Defining talent management levers to track and measure
  • Leveraging training and learning programs to develop talent and prepare for individual and organizational success
Linda Landry, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Nuance Communications


Preparing For the Workforce of the Future
Martine Spann
Jane E. Juergens


American Municipal Power has been on a journey—from automating its HR processes for greater efficiency to truly transforming the HR functions as a platform for strategic change and optimal use of talent. We invite you to this webinar to learn from American Municipal Powers story:

  • The keys to retaining key people and high performers
  • Best practices and strategies to engage management
  • How improved alignment drives execution, performance and business results
  • A live demonstration of SuccessFactors solutions
Martine Spann, Senior Solution Consultant, SuccessFactors
Jane E. Juergens, CEO/Founder, PeopleGen


The Power of Leadership, Engagement & Talent
Jim Viola

Transformational change requires altering and expanding the mindset in which the organization currently operates. Effective talent development and leadership strategies can enable your company to develop talented employees for future higher level and broader responsibilities as you bring them through the company change. This session will discuss:

  • Retaining the core values that led to past successes
  • Establishing strategic talent priorities to meet future challenges
  • Aligning employees with company goals
Jim Viola, Vice President, Learning & Development, Sleepy's



1.  I can't make some of these sessions. Will I be able to get a copy?
Yes. This event is designed so that if you can't attend some presentations, ALL sessions will be made available on-demand so that you can view it at your convenience. Even if you do attend the live sessions, you will get access to all the recordings to keep for your own use.

2. When are the sessions being offered?
The sessions are now available on-demand for your convenience.
3. Will the PowerPoints be available?
All registrants will receive a PDF copy of the PowerPoints after each session.
4. Where is the event?
The event is located from the comforts of your home or office. No hassle of travel or accommodation expenses.
5. How long is each session?
Each session is 1 hour in length.
6. What if I have technical questions or any other type of questions, who do I contact?
Should you have any technical difficulties or any questions about the event, you may send an email to customer support at customerservice@humanresourcesiq.com and we will respond immediately to your inquiry.

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David Lewin

UCLA Anderson School Of Management

David Lewin, Ph.D., is the Neil H. Jacoby Professor of Management, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. A specialist in human resource management and industrial relations, Professor Lewin has published 20 books and more than 150 articles. Among his recent books are International Perspectives and Challenges in Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management: An Economic Approach, The Human Resource Management Handbook, Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations, Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, Volume 17, and The Oxford Handbook of Participation in Organizations. Prior to joining UCLA in 1990, he was Professor, Director of the Ph.D. Program, Director of the Human Resources Research Center, and Director of the Senior Executive Program at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Speaking on: A 2013 Economic Outlook: The Impact on Talent Management


Kimberly Currier

American Cancer Society

Kimberly Currier has worked for the American Cancer Society for 16 years including field-based fundraising, voluntarism and learning and development. Starting in the Arizona, Southwest and Great West divisions, she joined the national home office in 2007 as managing director, talent development. She has 17 years’ experience facilitating groups, training and coaching. Currier centralized the development practice enterprise-wide, including building a sustainable model for program design and implementation, competency-based learning, organizational development and performance management. She built and implemented the Nationwide Leadership Development Program, which combines classroom learning, external learning, coaching and simulated experiences to create a rich learning experience for future leaders of the American Cancer Society.

Speaking on: Meeting the Needs of the Business through Talent


Jamie Resker

Employee Performance Solutions

Jamie is an established thought leader and innovator in the area of performance management. She is a passionate, polished, positive speaker who brings practical advice and tools to her audiences to use in their organizations. Jamie's programs for business and human resources leaders are highly interactive and engaging, providing identifiable facts, research, useful tools and resources for increasing the effectiveness of talent management initiatives within organizations. Audience participants pick up practical tips and approaches to assessing and managing employee performance in their organizations using the Performance Feedback Continuum Method.

Speaking on: Panel: Key Performance Strategies for Managing Talent


Julie Graziano

Bureau of Forestry Services, Madison, Wisconsin

Julie Graziano is responsible for Organizational Development for the Bureau of Forestry Services, Madison, Wisconsin. Julie is an accomplished human resources professional with extensive experiencing within a broad range of human resources functional areas. She is a proactive partner in developing human resources solutions and processes that are aligned with business strategies and change initiatives and adept at effecting continual improvements in human resource services performed.

Speaking on: Panel: Key Performance Strategies for Managing Talent


Linda Landry

Nuance Communications

Linda Landry is Vice President, Global Talent Management at Nuance Communications, Inc., a $3B technology company with 12,000 employees worldwide based in Burlington, MA. Her 30 years of experience in the training industry helped her establish Nuance’s corporate education program in 2007. Since then she’s built a full-service operation focused on talent management, organizational development, and learning. She won the distinguished 2008 Gold Vanguard Award from Chief Learning Officer Magazine for her impact on Nuance and the Silver CUBIC Leader of the Year Award in 2009. Prior to Nuance, Linda worked as Senior Managing Editor, Microsoft Learning, and as a global training and documentation manager for IBM Europe. She holds an MA in Education from Lesley University and a BS in Journalism from Boston University.

Speaking on: Panel: Key Performance Strategies for Managing Talent

Implementing a Strategic Talent Management Strategy


Brian Gilbert


Brian Gilbert is the Director of Business Development for SkillSurvey and leads the company’s outreach efforts in providing educational content and thought leadership to SkillSurvey’s alliance partners, group purchasing organizations, and national/state professional organizations. Previously Brian led the development of an online social media community for HR professionals at Toolbox.com, bringing together over 55,000 professionals collaborate and share best practices with their professional peers. He has a degree in Education from West Chester University, and presents educational material around the country to a wide variety of audiences.

Speaking on: Creating a Culture To Attract and Retain World-Class Talent


Martine Spann


Martine Spann is a Senior Solution Consultant with SuccessFactors. Martine has fourteen years of human resources experience in roles ranging from benefits administrator to training consultant to solution consultant. Martine has worked with a wide variety of industries with expertise in utilities, healthcare, government, higher education, information technology and aerospace and defense.

Speaking on: Preparing For the Workforce of the Future


Jane E. Juergens


Jane has 30 years of experience in HR and talent management. Prior to founding PeopleGen, Jane was the Vice President of HR & Talent Management for AMP, Inc. (AMP), where she served as the executive sponsor of human capital initiatives for nearly 22 years.

Speaking on: Preparing For the Workforce of the Future


Jim Viola


Jim Viola is the Vice President of Learning & Development for Sleepy's Mattress Professionals.

Speaking on: The Power of Leadership, Engagement & Talent